Your needs and success nourish our innovations

We manufacture a wide range of single-use takeout containers and consumer tabletop ware. We are committed to nurturing people-to-people relationship that drive client-centered solutions.

Our Story

Ecopax, founded in 2006, manufactures a wide range of single-use takeout containers and consumer tabletop ware, but, first and foremost, nurtures people-to-people relationships that drive client-centered solutions.

Strategically located in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. In just few years, Ecopax has grown to become a trusted manufacturer of foodservice and consumer packaging solutions.

Core Values

Our philosophy is driven by the twin core values of everyday competitive pricing and consistent quality. We proactively strive to sustain this alignment between our philosophy and operations in order to create a fundamental strength and competitive edge that is then transferred right to you.  At Ecopax, we believe good products came from deep understanding and connection with our customers. Our products reflect what we do, but our customers reflect who we are.

Who We Are

We are a small and agile company committed to developing and sustaining solid human relationships. We actively listen to our customers’ feedback and respond quickly with innovative solutions to fit their needs.

We truly believe that our employees, customers and vendors form the bedrock of our identity. That is why you can get in touch with a real and knowledgeable team member at any time.

Less is More

All packaging, ours included, leave an environmental footprint on our precious plant. That is why we are committed to make sure our footprint generated is as small as possible by staying on top of the latest research and innovations in green manufacturing process.  We believe more efficient packaging produced using few toxic materials and less energy just makes sense in today’s environment. We invite you to learn more about polystyrene, an important component in our packaging.