Apollo Foam Plates and Bowls

Your Trusted Apollo Brand

Our Apollo brand is quickly becoming a household name, and with good cause: it is a high quality collection of single-use tableware manufactured on high speed, modern equipment.  This ability to balance cost efficiency with an eye to consistent quality is what allows us to provide consumers with a high performance plate at the right price.

Our advanced manufacturing process ensures that we are able to easily transfer this ability to also produce private label products.  We have extensive experience in creating custom approaches with our retail partners that deliver growth on their store brands.  Our in-house design team and hands-on approach to the business can significantly shorten the product development cycle to address any changes in the market.

Foam Plate AP9125
Foam Plate AP9125-3
Foam Plate AP125-10
Foam Plate AP125-103
Foam Bowl P12125
Foam Plate AP6125