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Customer Reviews

Email received from take-out customer

Had to write you guys. Had some leftovers from a lunch at Olive Garden. When they brought the leftover container it was one of yours and I got a great kick out of it: looked so high tech, like it should be holding scientific/military equipment, not half a sandwich. I like packaging/containers, and yours is really nice! 

- W. Whelan,  April 2018


A flexible company

Ecopax is a flexible company. They’ll do different things. Some of the larger manufacturers are like talking to stone wall, they don’t adjust. You don’t get any input. Ecopax listens. That’s important to me because my customers are privately owned businesses that care about having a local relationship and want to have personalized service. 

Dave Lutz is at the top of the pyramid of why I buy from Ecopax. The responsiveness Dave gives me, the information, the logic with which he approaches my pricing, it’s very important to me to know there’s a steady hand at the wheel. 

- R. Thomas,  December 2017


I trust Ecopax to deliver

I handle all the purchasing and sales [at our company], and Ecopax is our number one vendor, as far as quality of the product, margin we make off of selling their product and fulfillment. They also offer us protection in the market because they are smart. They don’t try to sell to everybody.

This is still a very relationship-driven industry, it’s about doing what you say you’re going to do. All the people that are in this business know each other, even nationally, and Ecopax has a very upstanding reputation.  When Mike says he is going to do something, he does it. That’s rare these days, and it means everything that you can count on somebody. 

I think Ecopax, from a sale standpoint, and a relationship standpoint, you can’t get any better. I trust them to deliver.

- C. Umstot,  Nov 2017

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"I can go anywhere in the company and learn anything that's here.  Every day you come in here, you can learn something new, and I like that."

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"...we are committed to developing real one-to-one relationships with our customers, vendors, and employees."