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Employee Reviews

From the Shipping Dock to Extrusion Operator

Ecopax is a great place to work because of the people that work here. Everyone is willing to help you if they can. The benefits are excellent. I worked for an attorney for 15 years and never had any benefits aside from vacation. After I worked here for 3 months, they paid for my insurance (a really good plan), plus vision, dental and life insurance, and I pay very little for the upgraded options I wanted.

Management really listens to the workers. If I need something, they sit down and talk with me and really try to fix any issues. They also give training in all departments, so I can go anywhere in the company and learn anything that’s here. Every day you come in here, you can learn something new, and I like that. They also do reviews and I feel like they value my effort. I haven’t even been here a year, and my raise was almost $3 per hour more!    

- Lisa Drury, started April 2017, current position: Assistant Extrusion Operator 


Ecopax Valued me and my Work Ethic

I’ve worked at Ecopax since 2012. I do a little bit of everything, maintenance work, shipping, packing, working on the extrusion machines, and it feels very good working here. I had a hard time finding work [due to a disability], so when Ecopax actually gave me an opportunity, it made me feel like a different person. Made me feel good about myself.

One of the great things about this company is that you can come here to work without any knowledge of a certain job, they give you the opportunity to learn that field of work. They will train you on what you need to get done. I like that they cross train you to do a lot of jobs around the company and give workers lots of opportunity to grow. They even offer an English program to help workers who need it learn the language. I’m going to take advantage of that the next time it is offered. 

Even though the work isn’t always easy, a lot of employees have been here for a long time because they are treated very well. There are employees that have been here 7, 9, 10 years. If they weren’t treated well they wouldn’t stay.

To this day, I still feel very appreciative of the opportunities Ecopax has have given me and how it has enabled me to provide a good life for my family.

- Marino Hernandez-Alvarado, May 2012, current position: Janitor

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" looked so high tech, like it should be holding scientific/military equipment, not a half sandwich."

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"...we are committed to developing real one-to-one relationships with our customers, vendors, and employees."