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Athena™ Paper Bowls

  • Holds hot / cold food
  • Microwaveable bowl 
  • Premium presentation
  • Easy branding

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Athena Paper Bowls

Athena Paper Bowls are an eco-friendly alternative to resin-based products. These straight-sided, round paper bowls are coated to be leak-proof, so they can stand up for entrees featuring sauces and dressings.
Ecopax Athena Paper Bowls come in three convenient sizes and two lid styles, including a vented lid design that keeps food hot while allowing steam to escape. Tight fitting clear OPS lids minimize spills and leaks, ensuring food travels home with a customer safely. Another benefit of our clear, fog-resistant lids is the visibility they provide of the bowl contents, increasing appetite appeal and perception of quality.
Custom printing capability allows post-purchase branding, promotions and messaging. Contact your sales representative or call our customer service team at 484.546.0700 for more details on our custom branding capabilities.

Line art illustration of clear transparent plastic vented OPS lid for Ecopax 48 oz Athena paper bowl

# VBL48

Vented Lids to Athena Bowls, PB48 & PB48-WHT, OPS

8 inch
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